Tula Bots

We have created the fastest and most advanced Tula carting bots on the market through years of experience, fine tuning and advanced programming techniques.

Successfully scoring a Wrap Conversion or a Blanket is an art form. An art form we have perfected. No longer will you be cursing at your keyboard, madly smashing your F5 key and then swearing off Tula after an unsuccessful stocking (only to try again next time).

Our bots have no download required. You do not need to be at your computer for the stocking and are sold on a per stocking basis (with a small number of subscriptions available, scroll down for details). Your success will not be dependent upon your location or internet speed but merely on your ability to find us!

By purchasing items using a bot you ensure you pay as close to retail value as possible whilst at the same time retaining any manufacturers warranty!

How do I get one?

Our Wrap Conversion bots start at $25.00 USD and are available for purchase from noon UTC before a stocking (10 hours before the release time). Simply register on our site, navigate to your accounts panel and click "Tula WC" from the menu.

All stockings are announced on Twitter, with any major unscheduled stockings also announced on Facebook. Please follow us to ensure you never miss out!