Downloadable Bot

Our downloadable bot contains a collection of sites which are not run in the cloud. The downloadable bot is still extremely fast, user friendly and great value.

Unlike our competitors we do not create a different bot for each site. You get every site we offer (excluding some Tula sites) in the one subscription package allowing for great value and simplicitiy!

The downloadable bot can only run on windows. If you have a mac you can try using bootcamp or parallels however we do not offer support for either of these products.

The standard limitation in the downloadable bot is 4 running "bots" per site per day. This can differ for individual sites but will be fully disclosed.

By purchasing items using a bot you ensure you pay as close to retail value as possible whilst at the same time retaining any manufacturers warranty!

How do I get one?

Our downloadable bot has not yet been released. We will announce via Facebook, Twitter and Email once it goes live. Numbers will be limited.